About Medusa

Daniel Schludi’s thesis »Medusa – Aesthetics of the view« features a new idea for a thirdeye view visualisation in the photographic portrait using eyetracking technology and the self-developed machine MEDUSA: a tripod with a mounted camera, surrounded by eight gooseneck LEDs.
Photographic research with 100 probands in 2009 in Karlsruhe and Hamburg, Germany and in 2010 in New York City, US.


Step 1 — The process starts by shooting of a regular portrait.
Step 2 — The test person will be asked to watch a slideshow of 25 pages, each page for 5 seconds. The eye tracking machine will track the person’s pupil movement and intensity during the whole session with infrared cameras. The goal is to get a natural intended gaze of relevantspots where the person’s eye is attracted on their own face.
Step 3 — or the Medusa light setting. The eye tracking data is transformed by hand (digital to analog) on the probands face with help of the gooseneck LEDs. The longer a persons was looking on spots on their face the brighter they will appear on the portrait. Areas the proband didn’t watch on will be completely dark and invisible.

Medusa Machine

Eye Tracking Research

During this session 60 persons were watching a PDF with 25 pages. The duration per page was 5 seconds. What the probands did not know—one page inside the PDF included their own portrait.

In the following I’d like to show a few results from the eye tracking session. The lenght of the session and amount on pictures was initiated to gain a natural and unprejudiced look on the probands own face.

A big thank you to Tobii Technology for their support during this project.


STEP 1 Shooting of a personal portrait.

STEP 2 Eye tracking on a PDF with 25 pages, each page 5 seconds long.
One page inside the PDF includes the portrait of the proband.

STEP 3 Rebuilding the digital data with the Medusa technology.




New York

The Medusa Machine Project has been exhibited in New York from June 5th to June 13th at the Fair Science.
The fair was announced by the Flux Factory.
Again, the project has been perfectly supported by Tobii Eye Tracking Technology.

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