Einer von uns beiden

Manufactory for Garbage Publications

Twice a year, the people of Karlsruhe—a city in the south of Germany—take the things that do not matter to them anymore, down from the basements, out on to the streets. The next day, public servants show up to collect these objects and take them away. The few hours between the disposal of old belongings and the arrival of the garbage men are when the hunt happens for retrievers in search of all kinds of things. These people may be inflicted with youth, poverty or boredom.

Since January 2010, we have engaged in a re-evaluation of things that are perceived to be worthless. Our main interest is in the manifested knowledge that rests in discarded books, magazines, advertisements and printed materials. By creating new combinations of old materials through reduction and editing, we attempt to transform this archive of rejects into an accessible format.

At the Manufactory for Garbage Publications, we only use raw materials gleaned from piles of unwanted throw-aways. We add nothing, besides a point of view.

Einer von uns beiden is Martin Borst and Johannes Tolk.


DIN A 5, 44 pages, blue stencil printed, staple bound, edition of 100.
Source: Major H. von Dach, Gefechtstechnik, Kampf unter besonderen Umständen, Bern, 1990.

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2011: buy petrol, stay in bed, meet people

DIN A 4, 14 pages, cardboard, b/w laser printed, wire binding, edition of 50.
Source: Linguaphone, Linguaphone Institute, Limited, London, 1996.

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Zum Geleit

DIN A 5, 20 pages, b/w laser printed, folded, edition of 50.
Source: Schwimmen und Retten, Lehrbuch der DLRG (lifeguard handbook), Braunschweig, 1970.

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Human Perspectives

DIN A 5 & DIN A 6, 80 pages, b/w laser printed, needle stitched, edition of 1.

Collected equipment & material (excerpt)

dozens of books from 1870 – present

100+ floppy disks with clip arts
1 CD with Linotype fonts

3 Kyocera FS-1010 laser printers incl. Toner
1 HP Deskjet 5740 inkjet printer
several milliliters of ink in c, m, y & k + refill kit
1 Lexmark X1100 All-in-One-Device for scanning

3 silk screens
1 sewing needle
threads in several colors
100+ comb binding rings, A4

glossy laser photo paper, A4
slightly yellowed paper, A4
strongly yellowed paper, A4
thick brown paper, A4
white textured paper, A4-
slightly yellowed turquoise paper, A5
wood veneer