For his three-year-old son, Sebastian Cremers created a collection of cars, converting everyday objects into all kinds of vehicles, which are presented in his book AUTO published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz. Several Images are exhibited at the following locations:

May 15 until August 21: Schloss Fachsenfeld
June 22 until July 11: Automuseum Prototyp. Shanghaiallee 7, Hamburg Hafencity
July 18 until August 4: Boehlerit GmbH, Werk IV Strasse, 8605 Kapfenberg, Oesterreich
August 15 until September 9: LMT Onsrud LP, 1081 S. Northpint Blvd., Waukegan, Illinois,
sometime in September: Europapark Rust

early 2012

Goethe Institut, 4, Rutland Gate, 5th Street Chennai, India


Sebastian Cremers

Concept & Design

Sebastian Cremers

Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz