Blank develops narratives about and through the transformation of technical and social processes.

Blank was founded by Martin Borst, Sebastian Cremers and Daniel Schludi and is a collective based in Berlin, Zürich and Los Angeles collaborating with other designers and artists such as Piero Glina, Marco Kugel, Johannes Tolk and David Victor Rose …

Art & Science Fair at Flux Factory, New York 2010 w/ »Medusa — Aesthetics of the view«
ZineView: A Pop-up Reading Room, London, 2010 w/ »Zum Geleit«
I ♥ Gen Art, w/ David Victor Rose, New York, 2009 w/ »You Don’t Matter«
ART Karlsruhe, 2007 w/ »You Don’t Matter«

Workshop at the Estonian Academy of Arts
Workshop at the Hochschule für Gestaltung St. Gallen
Workshop at the »Werktage« Conference at Burg Halle

»Output 13«, 2010 w/ »Medusa«
»Output 12«, 2009 w/ »I am a movie camera«
Scholarship of the »Heinrich Hertz Gesellschaft«, 2007 w/ »You Don’t Matter«
»Output 10«, 2007 w/ »You Don’t Matter«

»Der Welt über die Straße helfen«, Fink Verlag, München, 2010 w/ »You Don’t Matter«
»Idpure #21«, Switzerland, 2010 w/ »You Don’t Matter«, »Medusa« and »Ininvisible«
»Output 12«, output foundation, Amsterdam, 2009 w/ »Medusa« and »I am a movie camera«
»Graphic #12«, Seoul, Korea, 2009 w/ »You Don’t Matter«
»Typomofo«, PageOneGroup, Singapore, 2009 w/ »You Don’t Matter«
»Output 10«, output foundation, Amsterdam, 2007 w/ »You Don’t Matter«